Writing retreat at a cottage by the sea

After the success of Neil’s first ebook Photo Nuts and Bolts, which he wrote and I designed and laid out, we are now working on the next ebook in the Photo Nuts series. To kick start the actual writing of the book, I decided we needed to get away, to escape the distractions that come with working from home. To be inspired and put into a creative frame of mind, I found a lovely place called Bear Gully Coastal Cottages. The pictures on their website sold it for me, so I booked for 3 nights before the easter break.

The accommodation was exactly as described, beautiful views, relaxing, bright and airy and a perfect place to write a book. Neil managed to make a good start on the book and also get out to take some nice images down on the beach. I had another ebook to work on as well, so we both kept ourselves as busy as we could, whilst trying not to get distracted by the view! We also went for a drive down to Walkerville South Beach and Waratah Bay which were nice.

Now that Neil has another camera, I am using his 350D SLR when we go away. I really enjoy photography and am learning things about the camera as I go. It’s nice to have more control over your shots, but sometimes you just want an easy camera to use, so I have also ordered a new point and shoot, which I am looking forward to getting, as I will be able to have it on hand at all times and snap whenever I want to! Here are a few images from our time at Bear Gully Cottages, taken with the SLR:

2 Responses to “Writing retreat at a cottage by the sea”

  1. Betty says:

    What a beautiful place. Lovely photographs Naomi.

  2. Sefie says:

    Hahaha, you get sold on good website design too? Every time we travel, I basically pick places by who has the best webpage XD; It hasn’t steered us wrong yet!

    Love the sunrise pic with the magnolias (I think?)!

    – Sefie

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