Salmon with lemon infused spinach salad and basil mayo

My mother-in-law Betty came over for lunch yesterday, and I wanted to make something tasty and a bit special. After having lunch out with my brother the day before, I was all inspired to create something yummy. Salmon is such a lovely fish and is really easy to cook, so thought this would be a tasty and healthy option. The salad is a mix of basic vegies and is ‘thrown together’, so listing precise amounts is a bit hard. Just create a balance that is visually appealing and tastes great. Read more

Lunch in the sun then drenched in storm

Living in Melbourne means you have to get used to unpredictable weather, and yesterday was no exception! Golf ball size hail hit Melbourne and its outer suburbs causing chaos and much damage. As scary as a storm can be, being close to one is somehow exciting and invigorating. I was ‘lucky’ enough to be caught in the storm yesterday. Read more

One joint replacement at a time

After my left knee replacement (revision) on 23 October 2009, I started my physio rehab at Peter James Centre a couple of weeks later. I feel like part of the furniture there as I have done rehab at the centre for the past few operations I have had, so know most of the staff. The physios are really lovely and specialise in orthopaedic rehab, so you feel confident working with them. Read more

Chicken meatballs served on the “good dinner set”

Growing up in a food loving family and with parents who love entertaining, eating and cooking good food is something I am familiar with. No matter what the occasion, providing tasty well presented food was always important, and still is. Eating is so enjoyable, so why not make it special more often? It’s not hard to do – I just take basic recipes and add something extra nice. I have a herb garden outside when I need it and an array of spices in the pantry. And why not eat off the “good dinner set” more often? Don’t wait for Christmas, life’s too short!

To make everyday food more special, I tend to break my cooking into cuisines. That way I can work out what herbs and spices are associated with that cuisine and then I have my palette of flavours to work from. So the first recipe I would like to share with you is Chicken feta meatballs. My husband and I have dinner with his family every fortnight or so and we all take turns in cooking, so it was my turn last week. I try to think of ‘one pot’ meals as these travel a lot easier. I’m going through a meatball phase at the moment, so thought that would be a good choice! How do you make meatballs more exciting? Read more

Joining a support group doesn’t make you a weak person

My story about growing up with arthritis and joining a support group, which I now lead.

After being diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when I was 12 years old, I didn’t realise what an impact the disease would have on my teenage years and more so, that it would be a life long condition I would have to deal with.

Being an independent and positive natured person, I learnt to deal with my condition in my own way. Of course my family were there every step of the way and that was enough for me then. Having to go to school each day was a good thing, it kept me busy and active. My school friends found it difficult to understand what I was going through and I did not talk much about it during school. It was like a secret Read more

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