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My name is Naomi Carmen Creek (nee George). I arrived in Australia inside my mum’s tummy in 1970. You can work out how old I am from that! I have an older sister and brother and one younger brother. I have wonderful parents who have always put the happiness of their children before anything else and I have them to thank for who I am today. I have an amazing husband, Neil who is my constant strength and support and with whom I could not live without. I also have a beautiful cat called Chibi and he is like our baby and we just love him to bits.

I love life and am very happy, despite suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis since age 12 (more about that in future posts). I figure you just work with what you have been dealt with and make the most of it. I have my arms and legs and brain and that’s all I need!

I thrive on learning new things about the world and my husband and I are excited about technology and the future. The world and universe is just amazing and constantly changing. There is something new to discover everyday. I love nature and can see beauty in almost anything, from the cute little black spots of a ladybird to the vivid green tiny leaves of a seed sprouting.

I consider myself an artistic person. Having worked as a graphic artist for over 20 years, I have also dabbled in many art mediums including watercolour painting, mosaics and in recent years beading and jewellery making. I always have to have my hand in something artistic to make me feel whole. My newest fascination is with ceramic beads and am going to be learning how to make them this year.

Without making you read too much more, I thought I would leave you with a short list of some of my favourite things in the world:

Road Trips
Greek Food
Fresh Sheets
Dangly Earrings
The Ocean
Did I mention Tea?

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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