3 cats are better than none!

It’s a long time between posts. Keeping a blog is harder work than I thought. But I endeavour to catch up soon.

I was originally putting off this post as I was too sad to write it, but as you will read, it has turned into a happy story after all.

On 20 March 2010, our beautiful cat Chibi disappeared. In the 11 years that he had been with us, he had never missed a meal, so we knew something was wrong when he was suddenly not there. We waited a couple of days before we stuck up ‘Missing Cat’ posters and did a mail drop to people’s houses. We also checked with the RSPCA, but he was not there. Chibi was microchipped, so we knew if he was picked up and taken to a vet or shelter that we would be contacted. So we waited and hoped and we were very sad. He was like our baby and it was just so empty without him there.

As each week went by, we really didn’t think he was coming home and being the feline lovers we are, we decided to fill the empty void and get some kittens. We always said that when Chibi’s time comes, that we would get two kittens, so they could grow up together and have each others company. So on 12 April 2010, we chose 2 gorgeous ginger and white kittens from 4 brothers that were being housed at Ingrid’s Haven. Ingrid is a wonderful women who saves cats before they get put down and houses them at her shelter before adopting them out to people like us. It was a bitter sweet time, as Neil and I both felt guilty going to get the kittens, as we of course couldn’t stop thinking about Chibi. We decided to stick with Japanese names and chose the names Yoshi and Aki (pronounced Arkee).

After a week at home, the kittens had settled in quite well. They were a lot more work than Chibi was, but very cute of non-the-less. Then at 3am on 20th April, there was a rattle at the front door. Neil at first thought it was the wind, but after realising it wasn’t actually a windy night, he went to investigate. To Neil’s amazement, our old boy had come home! Chibi rushed in and headed straight to his food bowl. After eating, Neil brought Chibi in and woke me up. It took me a minute or so to realise that I wasn’t dreaming. Chibi was back. He looked ok, but had a very traumatised expression on his face. His coat was extremely thick as though he had been cold for a while and initially we thought he hadn’t lost much weight at all. After getting vet checked the next day, we discovered that he had lost half his body weight. Now for those of you who know Chibi, he is a big boy. He had lost about 3kg. His thick coat was covering up his now bumpy spine.

Finding it hard to imagine what he went through during past last month, we showered him with lots of cuddles and pats and decided to keep his new little housemates confined for a day or so. Chibi knew something was going on, new smells and little meows coming from the bathroom., so after a couple of days, we eventually let them meet each other. As you can imagine, Chibi was not impressed at all! Who were these 2 little upstarts in his home? I have never seen Chibi hissing so much. The kittens didn’t care, they just thought he was a new play thing. Fun times to come…

…so now, after 2 months of all being together, there is some kind of harmony. Chibi is tolerating the kittens, who are growing up fast, but still tearing around the house getting into everything. There is still hissing, but not too often and they have all been seen sleeping on the bed together, which is nice to see. Things are improving day by day. Life is fun and never dull with 3 felines!

10 Responses to “3 cats are better than none!”

  1. Patricia Featherstone says:

    Love your blog..and especially this story. Gorgeous cute pics. Glad your “old boy” made it home eventually…I bet he has a story to tell.

    You can never have too many animals!

  2. Naomi Creek says:

    Thanks Patricia :) We suspect he was locked in someones garage or shed while they were away on holidays. Hate to think the stress he must have gone through. It took weeks before he was back to his old self. We love him to bits!

  3. Celina Lee says:

    Adorabe! :) I can’t wait to someday meet them <3

  4. Mum says:

    Love the blog and the photos. Pleased to see all my three grandsons are getting friendlier towards each other!

    Love Mum

  5. Betty says:

    Glad the story had a happy ending :) Chibi must feel like he has become a father at fifty! Lovely photos. Love the pic of them all lined up eating.

  6. Sefie says:

    I’m still trying to convince Luke that Mitsu would tolerate a ginger (or two) in the house… They are so adorable, you’d better check my bag before I leave the house to make sure I’m not carrying one of them off!

  7. Nathan says:

    Chibi looks like the father of the new ones !
    So cute !

    Nath XX

  8. Naomi Creek says:

    He does look like the father, but doesn’t act like one! Can highly recommend gingers Sef, they have always been great cats in our family.

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