Lunch in the sun then drenched in storm

Living in Melbourne means you have to get used to unpredictable weather, and yesterday was no exception! Golf ball size hail hit Melbourne and its outer suburbs causing chaos and much damage. As scary as a storm can be, being close to one is somehow exciting and invigorating. I was ‘lucky’ enough to be caught in the storm yesterday.

I met my brother for lunch at a cafe in Armadale and we sat outside as the weather was lovely and sunny. After lunch we strolled down High Street to find another cafe to have tea and cake in, all the time looking at the sky which seemed to be darkening rapidly. While sharing a delicious flourless orange friand with Nathan, a text message came through from Neil saying to stay inside as there was a big storm coming. We didn’t really make much of it and thought we would be finished by the time the storm came. Not to be! When we got to the counter to pay we could see the heavy rain coming down through the window. We paid and went outside, thinking we could walk back to the car without getting too wet, however the storm quickly worsened and we retreated back inside the cafe. For the next 20 minutes, we stood huddled with other patrons watching the hail come down. It was torrential. The drains couldn’t cope and the water was gushing all down the pavement, making it very difficult to leave. I managed to take a few videos on the iphone as I couldn’t believe how bad it was, but looking at the videos afterwards didn’t really show how bad it felt at the time.

When the hail eased, Nathan and I decided to make a dash for the car, which meant walking through some knee deep freezing cold puddles. Having to cut our afternoon short, I arrived home drenched with totally soaked pants and shoes. What an afternoon!

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