Naomi and Neil’s 2011 update

Given I have not done a blog post for a long time, I figured a lengthy update was required and a good chance to fill in family and friends of some of the things Neil and I have been up to in 2011 – it has been a very busy one, so grab a cup of tea and get comfortable for 10 minutes :) Oh and don’t forget to click on the bold links for more info or photos.

The year kicked off with the launch of Neil’s second Ebook – Photo Nuts & Shots (the second in a series of four). We were hoping for as good a result as we had with his first Ebook Photo Nuts & Bolts and we were pleasantly surprised with the response we got. Thanks to our publisher, Digital Photography School, which has a photography focused audience, Neil’s new Ebook proved a popular purchase yet again. Neil has now sold over 20,000 Ebooks overall, which is a fantastic achievement. He has now finished writing the third book in the series – Photo Nuts & Post, which I am currently designing and this will be launched in a few weeks time. Read more

Otway escape to celebrate 40th birthday

In May this year, I turned the big 40! Instead of hiding away and pretending it wasn’t happening, I used it as an excuse to plan a fun and luxurious getaway, in which I invited a group of friends along.

I don’t like doing things by halves (life’s too short!), so I booked a fabulous place called Sea Eagle Retreat for a week. It was a massive 4.5 star property in Cape Otway with spectacular views, open fireplaces Read more

Monthly biologic infusions

Many of my friends and family know about my monthly drug infusions for treating my arthritis, but probably wonder what on earth that means! So I thought I would post about my experience with this so you can be enlightened!

The drug

The drug that I have infused each month is called Abatacept (‘Orencia’ is the brand name) This drug is in a class called ‘Biologics‘, which are medications (either approved or in development) that are produced by means of biological processes involving recombinant DNA technology. Biologics or bDMARDS (Biologic Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs) act by trying to target certain cells Read more

3 cats are better than none!

It’s a long time between posts. Keeping a blog is harder work than I thought. But I endeavour to catch up soon.

I was originally putting off this post as I was too sad to write it, but as you will read, it has turned into a happy story after all.

On 20 March 2010, our beautiful cat Chibi disappeared. In the 11 years that he had been with us, he had never missed a meal, so we knew something was wrong when he was suddenly not there. We waited a couple of days before we stuck up ‘Missing Cat’ posters and did a mail drop to people’s houses. We also checked with the RSPCA, but he was not there. Read more

Writing retreat at a cottage by the sea

After the success of Neil’s first ebook Photo Nuts and Bolts, which he wrote and I designed and laid out, we are now working on the next ebook in the Photo Nuts series. To kick start the actual writing of the book, I decided we needed to get away, to escape the distractions that come with working from home. To be inspired and put into a creative frame of mind, I found a lovely place called Bear Gully Coastal Cottages. The pictures on their website sold it for me, so I booked for 3 nights before the easter break. Read more

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